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Different Eye Shapes And How To Compliment Them.

Because of the love we got from our previous instagram story about how to compliment your individual eye shape with Hanna Lash&Go lashes and makeup we decided to go into more detail and share our knowledge with you! 

You know when you see your friends makeup and lashes and love it that much you want to have the same but when it comes to doing it you’re like; “why isn't this looking the same as them?” 9/10 it will be because you have different eye shapes. This doesn't mean that you can have the same look/colours it simply means doing it slightly differently to enhance your own eyes! 

We will start with wide set eyes. Wide set eyes are when the distance between your inner corners is wider than the width of one eye. 

To visually bring together the space between the eyes, a trick to use is shading, use darker shades on the inner corners. Having a darker colour on the inner parts of the eye will make them appear closer together. This works for lashes too, you could mix with black lashes on the inner corner and transition to brown on the outer. Or you can apply a thicker cluster to the inner corner for them to appear darker, for example; layer 2 of the 8” Hanna Lash&Go lashes and gradually move outward. Doing this will give the illusion of having a smaller gap between the eyes.

Next, we have the opposite - Close set eyes. Close set eyes are when the gap between your inner corners are smaller than the width of one eye. When applying makeup to close set eyes, one colour eyeshadow won’t be enough. You need to pick 3 or 4 coordinating colours, applying them from lightest to darkest starting from the inner corner outward. This will help visually widen the space between the eyes. (A tip to really widen your eyes and give a ‘wide awake’ look is to use a little extra highlight on the inner corner around the tear duct.)

Lashes! These make just as much of an impact! Using the styling technique ‘Cat Eye’ or ‘Squirrel’ the main aim of these is to stretch the lash line and elongate the eyes! Example; using our 14” towards the outer corner will help to achieve this look.

Protruding eyes, this is when the eye has a bulge from the socket to the lash line and can be quite difficult to work with, but not impossible. The shape we aim for when applying eye makeup to this eye shape is similar to a cat eye style, this elongates the eye giving the illusion the eye is almond shaped rather than round. Starting from the outside in - apply a darker shadow and work in gradually going lighter, using the middle tone of your choice of colours to line your lower lash line. When you get to the inner corner this is where you apply the lighter shade/highlight, to finish the look apply a little liner with a slight flick on the outer corner. Voilla you have made your eyes look almond shaped.

Lashes! People with protruding eyes tend to have longer lashes, which when applying lashes can get tricky as you might automatically want to match these and go for super long ones! But to compliment your eyes, use shorter lashes in the style of squirrel! This gives an eyeliner effect rather than an open eye look. 

Now, we have deep set eyes. To compliment them, the idea is to make them pop and brighten! Firstly, apply a deep colour to the crease and outer corner of your eye, then apply a shimmery colour to the middle of the eyelids and inner corner. Blend the highlight colour with the darker colours that's just been applied. Next; highlight the brow bone to create a subtle gradient and enhance your lower lash line using the same dark shadow previously used on the outer corner of your eyelid. Now, LASHES this is where the magic happens! Natural lashes seem to ‘disappear’ so you simply need to use longer lashes! Using the longer lashes at the centre of the eye and going shorter gradually on either side, Hanna Lash&Go lashes make this very easy and look incredible! 

Downturned eyes. This is when your eyes have a downward tilt at the outer corners. Because of this it gives the impression there is a lot more eyelid space to play with. Try a three-tones eyeshadow look to help add dimension, depth and elongation. Start by applying a light nude to the whole of the lid up to the brow bone, by doing this it will give the appearance of a lifted lid look. Next, apply a medium shade from the lash line to just above the crease line, and finishing with the darkest shade from the crease line and slightly above to mimic the look of a more lifted outer corner. HANNA LASHES TO THE RESCUE! To finish and complete this look, apply Lash&Go lashes in the shape of either squirrel or cat eye with the 14” on the outer corners going shorter towards the inner corner to lift and open the eyes! 

Heavy/hooded eyelids. Hooded eyes are known their lack of visible lid space, the crease created by your eyelid can appear to be hidden. Makeup: to brighten the inner corner of your eye, the centre of your lidn and right beneath the arch of your brow. Flick your eyeliner but keep it thin this gives the illusion that there is more eyelid space on show to show your shadow! 

Now, moving onto the important lashes! We recommend using the longer lashes just off centre towards the outer corner where your lid sits the heaviest so this opens the eyes more! 

SO, if this has helped you understand how to compliment your personal eye shape, let us know! comment below!

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