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Which False Lashes Are For Me?

False lashes, there’s so many on the market at the minute - how do you know which ones are right for you? 


What type of look do you go for? Natural? Glam? Full glam? When you look at all the varieties how do you know which ones to pick when there are so many things to take into consideration?


I know from personal experience when I used to do my monthly makeup/lash shop I would spend a good hour looking at the variety of lashes and trying to work out what they will look like in person, I know some strip lash companies do have a super good reputation and very very few negative reviews. But, if you’re new to the lash game then you’re going to be asking yourself the same recurring questions anyway!


This is where hanna lashes come in to help, you don’t have to try and work out if the shape and length will work out or look nice on you or your clients because you design and build the shape and length yourself! With a box having sizes varying from 6” to 14” there isn’t much that you can’t do with them! 


You might ask yourself, why should I pay for your lashes when I can get cluster lashes from various other places? 

The answer is in the images below: 


The images clearly demonstrate the difference of quality between an average, self application cluster lash and Hanna Lashes with their wider, but thinner base they are much easier and quicker to apply - each eye needs approximately 5 Hanna lashes, which are then reusable up to 5 times! 



If you like the sound of using our Hanna Lashes and haven’t used them before then try them now and you will never look back! Just to be extra nice, use this code for 20% off! TRYME20 

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