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Hanna Lash&Go Kit
Hanna Lash&Go Kit
Hanna Lash&Go Kit
Hanna Lash&Go Kit
Hanna Lash&Go Kit
Hanna Lash&Go Kit

Hanna Lash&Go Kit

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Hanna Lash&Go Kit has everything you could wish for, in one place!

Beautifully simple and elegant. All the tools you could need for whatever lash look you desire, all in one place. 

Once you have experienced how easy it is to apply these beautiful lashes, you won't want to leave this kit out of your makeup bag. You can take it anywhere you please and have instantly flawless lashes in just a couple of steps!

This kit will change your life


“Hanna Lashes tray provides 4-6 new full sets of Hanna lashes. Each can be re-used up to 5 times giving you approx 25 sets of eyelashes just from 1 tray. Amazing value for money!

Great facts about Hanna lashes:

  • Super easy to apply even for beginners
  • Quick application (2-3min)
  • Secure feeling (they’ll never lift in the inner corners as strip lashes do)
  • Beautiful Russian Volume lash effect
  • Ability to create any style with the variety of lengths
  • Can be attached from both the top and from the bottom of your natural lashes


  • Choose the style you want to make! Dip the base of the lash into the glue, wait 5 seconds and you are ready to apply!
  • Start applying lashes from the outer corner! It's easier:)
  • Place Hanna lash onto the lid as close as possible to the lash line.
  • You can also apply Hanna lashes from the bottom of our natural eyelashes. This way you will achieve a super natural look and no-one would be able to tell you wearing fake lashes as the lash base won’t be visible! ( NB! This application can damage your lashes as you will apply glue onto your natural lashes, not skin so be extra gentle and careful when removing lashes)
  • To remove lashes, soak a cotton pad with makeup remover. Place cotton pad onto your lashes for 10 seconds and you are ready to remove Hanna lashes.
  • To re-use Hanna lashes, simply place them onto the cotton pad soak with makeup remover and gently clean excess glue and make-up from lashes.

I hope you will love Hanna Lashes as much as I do! “ Hanna Putjato, Founder and The Biggest Fan

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