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Hanna Adhesive (3ml)

Hanna Adhesive (3ml)

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Always find yourself in a sticky situation trying to attach your lashes?

Hanna adhesive is a latex-based formula created for all-day or all-night wear with our innovative lash and go cluster lashes. It can also be used to apply individual lashes and strip lashes of your choice lasting several hours!

How to use this marvellous creation: 

  • Pour a small amount of glue onto a piece of foil. (or anything that you have handy that you don't mind getting sticky)
  • Dip each lash (however many you want to use) into the glue.
  • Allow the glue to go tacky and apply a thin layer to the strip of the lashes.
  • Once tacky (on the lash) place along your lash line! 
  • Voila, its a simple as that!
Please Note: When you wish to remove the lashes use Lashfree Remover, Do not pull or tug at lashes.

    Hanna Beauty Tip! You can experiment with different looks by layering lashes to create volume and definition.

    It’s never been easier to accurately attach your lashes!


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